About us

We understand that besides favorable prices for services another critical factor when choosing an audit company is the business reputation and experience.

We believe that professionalism in conjunction with bona fide and benevolent relationships is a solid foundation for long-term and mutually beneficial collaboration with both, customers and colleagues.

Margarita Druzhinina

Executive Director Pravovest Audit Wiseadvice Consulting Group

Facts and Figures

  • 10

    years of excellent audit and consulting services since 2005
  • 4 000

    audits of companies specializing in different business profiles различных сфер деятельности
  • 100%

    of internal auditors are reliable and responsive experts
  • 15 500

    of individual tax, accounting and legal consultations
  • 100 000

    misstatements have been corrected as a part of audit and consulting services
  • 9 из 10

    companies become our long-term clients

Natalia Gracheva

General Director Pravovest Audit LLC Wiseadvice Consulting Group

Since 2005 we provide a professional support for accountants, financial managers, directors, investors and shareholders. We conduct the work when we are sure it can be done well with full responsibility and quality assurance!

We always help our clients in varieties of non-standard cases, involving all our resources and efforts in order to achieve the desirable goal. Clients trust us as competent and attentive professionals!

Pravovest Audit was established in 2005 and has been operating on the audit service market for more than 10 years, being one of the most successful multiproduct audit providers in Moscow.

A member of a self-regulated organization of auditors, the nonprofit partnership «Auditors’ Association ‘Sodruzhestvo’, a corporate member of the ‘Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia’.

A member of Wiseadvice Consulting Group, placing high at Expert RA ratings.

We made it a rule that before signing our first contract with a potential customer we arrange a meeting with them or the company’s authorized representative in order to build confidence through better understanding of the client’s individual specifics. We involve our audit experts taking into account the character of company activities and project tasks, provide necessary information and guarantee the quality of our service.

Our clients are assigned a personal manager, working with client from the moment the agreement is signed and during all the service period. It guarantees time efficient and high quality way of solving the questions of work process coordination.

We implemented a flexible system of bonuses and programs of loyalty for our clients. The bonus scheme has been extended to guarantee our clients the highest quality for competitive prices.

The auditing and consulting activities of Pravovest Audit are covered by professional liability insurance provided by the public company ‘Alliance’ Insurance Company in the amount of 30 million rubles. Our financial responsibility is specified in agreements.

Our tax lawyers will protect your legal interests both in court and fiscal authorities:

  • Preparation of an objection to tax authority official act and defense of the company position;
  • Preparation of an appeal to Tax Authorities;
  • Obtaining of a justified result in commercial court.

We guarantee than any information delivered to us in the course of our audit will be regarded and kept by us as strictly confidential. It’s ensured by applicable legislation, our internal ethical standards, Pravovest Audit’s strict rules for keeping commercial secrets and engaging in work process a 100% of internal auditors.

The security of your business is guaranteed with us.

Our activities are not limited to audit and consulting but a whole scope of services for your business:

  • 1C Automation;
  • Tax Disputes and Interest Protection in commercial courts;
  • Intellectual Property Protection;
  • Outsourcing of Accounting Functions;
  • All kinds of Appraisals, etc.

Principals of work

We have an impartial attitude to accounting mistakes and misstatements found out during the audit. We understand that ‘Не who makes no mistakes, makes nothing’. We see our complex audit purpose in giving professional recommendations, keeping our clients free from mistakes, helping with necessary corrections during the audit. Our auditors are always aware of all changes in legislation.

You’ll have an opportunity to choose the auditor you prefer, with large experience of working in companies specializing in business activities similar to yours.

The company sizes and resources allow us to constantly improve our services, develop technical base, automate the significant part of audit procedures, upgrade the skills and qualification of our staff and engage the best specialists. It gives an opportunity to offer our clients a high quality service while keeping average market prices for audit service, provided at high grade and within strict deadlines. You can trust the quality of our service and vast practical experience!

We’re on your side

We have common goal with clients – to minimize risks, identify possible mistakes in time, enhance their professional reputation, approve the fairness of accounting and financial statements.

We are easy to work with

You can choose the auditor with large experience of working in companies specializing in business activities similar to yours. He will be available personally at every stage of audit course, providing you consulting support and guarantee of misstatements corrections in time.

Quality Guarantees

We’re responsible for audit and consulting service quality. Our professional responsibility insurance is provided by the Alliance Insurance Company. Tax lawyers’ support is offered free of charge. Our mission is to bring real benefits to clients’ business.

Our auditors

Natalia Igush

Head of Audit Department Pravovest Audit Wiseadvice Consulting Group

In order to ensure the high quality of audit services our company employs only experienced and certified specialists. We don’t engage temporary auditors for busy season period; all our experts have long-term labor relationships with the company.

We take pride in the expertise, training and many years’ experience of our team.

Thanks to the internal audit quality control system our clients receive a professional opinion of our company.

To keep a high-quality service at a reasonable price, PRAVOVEST AUDIT has implemented the following measures:

  • Classification of auditors due to their professional experience in audit of companies with different profiles;
  • Competent planning and allocation of audit areas;
  • Audit procedures automation;
  • Advanced technical and current law database infrastructure.

Отзывы и рекомендации

  • Хотим отметить высокий профессиональный уровень, ответственность аудиторов компании, которые зарекомендовали себя как отзывчивые, неравнодушные специалисты, уверенно ориентирующиеся в сложном и постоянно меняющемся законодательстве. Компетентность, внимание к деталям позволяют быстро и эффективно выявлять и устранять возникающие проблемы при ведении бухгалтерского и налогового учета … «ПРАВОВЕСТ Аудит» является надежным деловым партнером, применяющим индивидуальный подход к клиенту, соблюдающим принятые на себя обязательства и сроки их выполнения

    Елена Алексеевна Тихомирова

    Бухгалтер, ООО «Текнолоджи энд Сервис»

  • Мы взаимодействуем на регулярной основе уже несколько лет и убедились в высоком профессионализме Ваших сотрудников , нам приятно отметить их корректность , внимательность к деталям и способность найти наиболее эффективные решения спорных вопросов.

    Петрова Марина Евгеньевна

    Главный бухгалтер, ЗАО «ПФК «БИН»

  • Существенную поддержку для нас представляют регулярные проверки с промежуточными этапами в течение года, во время которых аудиторы помогают находить варианты решений по исправлению обнаруженных несоответствий и вовремя устранять риски. Ваша качественная работа учитывает специфику деятельности нашей организации, что обеспечивает нам полное взаимопонимание в решении возникающих вопросов. ООО «Правовест аудит» для нас надежный и ответственный партнер.

    Кондрашина Татьяна Валентиновна

    Главный бухгалтер, ООО «Негреско»

  • Со своей стороны, хотим выделить внимательное отношение и помощь Ваших аудиторов, в частности аудитора Бохонову Ларису Петровну — в решении поставленных задач, что помогает нам предупреждать многие налоговые и хозяйственные риски

    Кононенко Надежда Валентиновна

    Главный бухгалтер, ООО «ФлексоПринт»

  • Общество Хухтамаки Лтд полностью удовлетворено уровнем оказания аудиторских услуг ООО «Правовест Аудит». Ваша компания показала высокий профессионализм в своей работе. Общаясь с Вашими специалистами мы всегда можем рассчитывать на высокий уровень квалификации, верность взятым на себя обязательствам, неукоснительное соблюдение норм деловой этики.

    Авдулова Марина Ивановна

    Бухгалтер, ООО «ХУХТАМАКИ С.Н.Г.»

  • Полезным для нас оказалось участие в семинарах, проводимых в «Правовест Аудит», формат которых позволял, и отследить последние изменения в действующем законодательстве и задать вопросы по нашей деятельности. Важно, что у бухгалтера всегда есть возможность задать вопрос и получить ответ эксперта по телефону или по электронной почте. Мы рекомендуем «Правовест Аудит» как надежного партнера по аудиторским услугам и настроены на продолжение нашего сотрудничества.

    Толстикова Елена Александровна

    Финансовый директор, ООО «Бизнес цэнтр»

  • Мы довольны качеством проведения аудиторских проверок, оказываемых нашим сотрудникам консультаций, проводимых семинаров и Круглых столов … Выражаем высокую удовлетворенность профессиональным уровнем работы аудиторов, экспертов и рекомендуем «Правовест Аудит» для получения качественных аудиторских услуг, надеемся на плодотворное сотрудничество в дальнейшем.

    Макарова Марина Михайловна

    Заместитель главного бухгалтера, ООО «Мегапак»

  • Нам приятно отметить корректность Ваших сотрудников, внимательность к деталям и способность найти наиболее эффективные решения вопросов … Компания «ПРАВОВЕСТ Аудит» зарекомендовала себя как всегда внимательный контрагент. При работе с Вашими специалистами мы всегда можем рассчитывать на высокий уровень квалификации, верность взятым на себя обязательствам, неукоснительное соблюдение норм деловой этики.

    Маслова Ольга Сергеевна

    Заместитель главного бухгалтера, ООО «Термокул»

Licenses and Certificates

  • Свидетельство о членстве в Палате налоговых консультантов

  • Свидетельство МТПП

  • Лицензия Министерства Финансов от № 007574 от 10.10.2005 г.

  • Членство в СРО НП «Аудиторская ассоциация «Содружество»

  • 2005-2015 г. — зарегистрирован товарный знак ООО «Правовест Аудит» г.

  • Членство в НП «Национальное объединение технологических и ценовых аудиторов»

  • Занимаем высокие позиции в Рейтинге РА «Эксперт» — АКГ WiseAdvice

  • Являемся членом ИПБ России

  • Являемся членом ИПБ России

Reasonable Prices

Irina Kupriyanova

Chief Accountant of Pravovest Audit Wiseadvice Consulting Group

We make a real valuation of the market and business environment in Russia, always trying to meet expectations of our clients, finding the most appropriate variants of collaboration at a reasonable price. Audit or consulting price will depend on actual hours required for a high-quality service. Our commercial offers are prepared on an individual basis with final costs, deadlines and service procedures details.

Our price list will be a welcome surprise for you!



We offer 5-20% discounts to our regular customers based on the scope and terms of the planned work.

Special offers

We regularly renew our special offers list, in order to save our clients costs and give them useful additional bonuses.


We give special gratitude to the clients who recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.

Useful bonuses

Upon conclusion of audit service contract, you receive additional bonuses free of charge. We ensure professional support from the moment our agreement is signed:

Auditors and tax lawyers consulting

Due diligence review of contracts

VIP-seminars for qualification upgrade
(counted as 40 hours in the Institute of Professional Accountants)

Tax burden and provision evaluation
Seminars summaries and articles by our experts

1C database audit for correct accounting and tax records

We’ll be glad to welcome you as our client

The year 2015 introduced a lot of amendments in VAT, CIT, Property, Social charges regulations. Thus we offer a two-stage audit.

If you send a request for our service now, it will not only review financial statements, but also analyze tax records – you will be aware of new legislation rules avoid accounting and tax mistakes in 2015.

We’ll find out all the misstatements in advance, prevent you from mistakes accumulating and the necessity of submitting rectified tax returns, so your annual reporting will be prepared in compliance with legislation demands.

We’re on your side!

Choose the professionals

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